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November 27, 2023

Dear Haus-Member,

I hope this finds you well. I am reaching out regarding our current situation about the unknown disease which has just recently reached us here in Southern Oregon. This is publicly known information which was handed down from the state of Oregon. Here is what I have gathered. Patient zero was declared in August of 2023. Since then, there are 200 known cases in the Pacific Northwest. There is a lot of unknown regarding this disease; the state says it spreads through droplet contact, meaning its recommended for owners to minimize social-dog-settings for their dogs. It is a respiratory disease, comparable symptoms to kennel cough, but stronger and more aggressive. There is no current solution to the disease, meaning it can be fatal.

As of now it is a recommendation to keep your dog’s home, we will remain open until we are told by the state to close. The use of the facility will be at owners’ discretion, and respectfully we ask for those who can minimize use of our facility to please do so in order to reserve it for those who require us during this time. Until we know more about this situation at hand, we are not taking new clients.

Extra measures we are taking here in Haus: we have doubled down on our cleaning and disinfecting; we are not offering any communal water sources, each dog will have their own water source offered to them throughout the day, we are changing and cleaning water bowls more frequently, we are limiting social interactions. We are asking those who are using the facility during this time to help us by checking their dogs more frequently for symptoms in-home before bringing them in-Haus. If your dog shows any symptoms, please contact your vet ASAP! Again, it is recommended that if owners can keep their dog at home during this time, please do so. For those who will still need our services during this time, it will be at the owners’ discretion, but our doors are open to you and your pup.

We ask that all owners using our facility during this to not take your dogs to other canine social settings other than our facility. We want to create a control in Haus the best we can and we can only do that if you the owner do your part at home. We want to keep canine interactions to known sources, so please do not take your dog to public settings outside of The Dog Haus. If owners are taking their dog to public places such as pet stores during this time, then they are getting exposed to unknown sources which could then be brought in Haus, which we do not want, as we will have to close our doors to the public. If you are to take your dog to a public place outside of the Dog Haus, we ask that you keep your canine home for a minimum of 72 hours to monitor for any symptoms prior to bringing your dog back to The Dog Haus. We need your help in keep our doors open during this time. We will do the best we can on our end.

Stay vigilant,
The Dog Haus


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